Informatics Nurse Specialist Interview Questions

61 Provide an experience in which you were sensitive to somone's needs or feelings. How did your helpfulness affect your work environment?
62 Provide an experience that demonstrates your ability to manage time effectively. What were the challenges and results?
63 Provide an example when you were able to prevent a problem because you foresaw the reaction of another person.
64 Share a time when you successfully used scientific rules or methods to solve a problem at work.
65 Share an experience in which personal connections to coworkers or others helped you to be successful in your work. (Make sure candidate works well with others.)
66 Do you have experience consulting with nurses regarding hardware or software configuration? What was the outcome?
67 Tell me about the last time you oversaw the work of someone else. How did you effectively motivate, develop, and direct the worker(s)?
68 Share an experience in which you were able to generate a new design or modify a current design to better serve the needs of your customers.
69 Name an example of when you designed, conducted, or provided support to nursing informatics research? What did the research entail, and what was the result?
70 Have you ever taken the opportunity to disseminate information about nursing informatics science and practice to the profession, other health care professions, nursing students, and/or the public?
71 Share an experience in which you conducted a test of a product, service, or process and successfully improved the quality or performance.
72 Describe an experience in which your ability to work well with others and reconcile differences helped your company or employer. (Make sure the candidate knows how to negotiate.)
73 Tell me about some of your most recent computer programming projects.
74 Provide an example of a project you worked on that demonstrates your programming abilities. What was your role in the project?
75 Share an experience in which you successfully informed health policies with good results.