Informatics Nurse Specialist Interview Questions

46 Name a time when your creativity or alternative thinking solved a problem in your workplace.
47 Provide an example of when you had to evaluate a new informatics solution? What criteria did you use and what was the outcome?
48 Provide and example of when you collected and/or analyzed data that are relevant to the nursing care of patients. How did you identify the data and what was the result?
49 How do you keep abreast of developments in informatics? (With a field that is constantly changing, you want to make sure that the candidate is staying current with emerging trends or principles.)
50 Tell me about a time when your ability to analyze needs and product requirements helped you create an effective design or make an informed decision to benefit your company.
51 Tell me about a time when you developed your own way of doing things or were self-motivated to finish an important task.
52 Have you ever been responsible for developing or implementing policies to ensure the privacy, confidentiality, or security of patient information? What challenges did you face and how did you overcome them?
53 Tell me about a strategy or policy you developed which successfully introduced, evaluated, or modified information technology, such as for nursing practice or education.
54 Have you ever analyzed computer or information technologies to determine the applicability to nursing practice, education, administration and research? Tell me more.
55 Provide an experience in which your ability to actively find ways to help people improved your company or your own work ethic.
56 Have you collaborated with other health informatics specialists on a project? What made the collaboration successful?
57 Describe a time when you successfully provided personal assistance to a coworker or patron.
58 Describe a time when you successfully persuaded another person to change his/her way of thinking or behavior.
59 What is the most challenging part of budgeting for you?
60 Have you developed or delivered training programs for health information technology? Would you consider the training programs successful? Why or why not? (You may also want to ask if the candidate also created operating manuals?)