Be prepared to answer the key interview questions

Nobody expects you to have an answer memorized for every question.  However, you should think of stories or experiences in advance.  That is the primary purpose of Ready Prep Interview.  Find the position you are interviewing for and review the questions that may be asked of you.  If there are questions that you are weak on, be prepared with positive answers.

Be prepared to give answers to questions, even if the employer doesn’t ask them

Not every employer you interview with will be good at interviewing.  The worst interviewers are the ones that do all the talking.  They provide little opportunity for you to differentiate yourself.  When this occurs, make sure you provide answers to some of the key interview questions even if you are not asked them.  With some practice you can get good at this.  Just don’t overdo it.  Otherwise, you may be perceived as cocky and overconfident.

Be Prepared to explain what you did at each job and why you left

Make sure that you provide a brief explanation of your primary responsibilities and key accomplishments for each position. It is generally recommended that you share:

  • 2 to 3 responsibilities for each position
  • 2 to 3 accomplishments for each position
  • The 3 most recent positions.  However, be prepared to share more.
Lastly, you need to share why you left each position. This is probably the most important aspect of what you share about each position.