Online Retailer Interview Questions

1 How do you stay abreast of online retailing trends, techniques, and security threats? Provide an experience in which your knowledge helped your company.
2 How do you determine what the optimal inventory level of a product is?
3 What is the state of your inventory records? Name something you are trying to improve.
4 Describe an effective method you have used to integrate an online retailing strategy.
5 What factors do you consider when determining product prices?
6 Describe a successful offline promotional material which you created. How about a material you created which was less successful?
7 Share an experience in which collaborating with a search engine shopping specialist helped you improve your marketing strategies.
8 Describe the techniques you use to transfer digital media to customers via the Internet.
9 What factors do you consider when selecting technical web services for purchase?
10 How do you effectively promote products in online communities?
11 Provide an effective method you have used to refine customer interfaces.
12 Share an effective method you have used to find new items, used items, and collectibles.
13 How do you determine areas for opportunity for merchandising specific products?
14 Provide a time when you initiated a successful online auction.
15 Describe a successful security practice you implemented.