Nanotechnologist Interview Questions

There are 13 different sets of questions for this title
1 Tell me about the last time you processed nanoparticles or nanostructures, using technologies such as ultraviolet radiation, microwave energy, or catalysis.
2 What is the most challenging part of monitoring hazardous waste cleanup procedures to ensure proper application of nanocomposites or accomplishment of objectives?
3 Walk me through how you would mix raw materials or catalysts to manufacture nanoparticles according to specifications, ensuring proper particle size, shape, or organization.
4 Describe methods you have found effective to compare the performance or environmental impact of nanomaterials by nanoparticle size, shape, or organization.
5 Share your approach to capture nanoparticle contaminants, using techniques such as electrical fields or electrospinning.
6 What kind of experience do you have analyzing the life cycle of nanomaterials or nano-enabled products to determine environmental impact?
7 Name a time when you supervised or provided technical direction to technicians engaged in nanotechnology research or production.
8 Walk me through how you would produce images or measurements, using tools or techniques such as atomic force microscopy, scanning electron microscopy, optical microscopy, particle size analysis, or zeta potential analysis.
9 What are your writing skills when preparing detailed verbal or written presentations for scientists, engineers, project managers, or upper management? Share an example.
10 Name a time when you prepared capability data, training materials, or other documentation for transfer of processes to production.
11 What kind of experience do you have developing or modifying wet chemical or industrial laboratory experimental techniques for nanoscale use?
12 Describe methods you have found effective when implementing new or enhanced methods or processes for the processing, testing, or manufacture of nanotechnology materials or products.
13 What factors do you consider when designing or conducting experiments, in collaboration with scientists or engineers, supportive of the development of nanotechnology materials, components, devices, or systems?