Human Factors Engineer Interview Questions

1 What kind of experience do you have designing or evaluating human work systems, using human factors engineering and ergonomic principles to optimize usability, cost, quality, safety, or performance?
2 Name a time when you trained users in task techniques or ergonomic principles. Share an example.
3 How much time do you spend reviewing health, safety, accident, or worker compensation records to evaluate safety program effectiveness or to identify jobs with high incidents of injury?
4 What have you found to be the best way to provide human factors technical expertise on topics such as advanced user-interface technology development or the role of human users in automated or autonomous sub-systems in advanced vehicle systems?
5 Describe methods you have found useful to investigate theoretical or conceptual issues, such as the human design considerations of lunar landers or habitats.
6 What is the most challenging part of estimating time or resource requirements for ergonomic or human factors research or development projects?
7 Describe an experience when you conducted interviews or surveys of users or customers to collect information on topics such as requirements, needs, fatigue, ergonomics, or interfaces.
8 Share your approach when recommending workplace changes to improve health and safety, using knowledge of potentially harmful factors, such as heavy loads or repetitive motions.
9 Walk me through how you provide technical support to clients through activities such as rearranging workplace fixtures to reduce physical hazards or discomfort or modifying task sequences to reduce cycle time.
10 How are your writing skills when it comes to preparing reports or presentations summarizing results or conclusions of human factors engineering or ergonomics activities, such as testing, investigation, or validation?
11 Tell me about the last time when you performed statistical analyses, such as social network pattern analysis, network modeling, discrete event simulation, agent-based modeling, statistical natural language processing, computational sociology, mathematical optimization, or systems dynamics.
12 What kind of experience do you have performing functional, task, or anthropometric analysis, using tools such as checklists, surveys, videotaping or force measurement?
13 Tell me how you would operate testing equipment, such as heat stress meters, octave band analyzers, motion analysis equipment, inclinometers, light meters, velometers, sling psychrometers, or colormetric detection tubes.
14 Explain to me how you would integrate human factors requirements into operational hardware.
15 Share an example when you inspected work sites to identify physical hazards.