Geneticist Interview Questions

31 What kind of experience do you have evaluating, diagnosing, or treating genetic diseases?
32 Tell me about a time when you developed your own way of doing things or were self-motivated to finish an important task.
33 Provide a time when you worked in a rapidly evolving workplace. How did you deal with the change? (Make sure the candidate is flexible.)
34 Describe methods you have found effective to verify that cytogenetic, molecular genetic, and related equipment and instrumentation is maintained in working condition to ensure accuracy and quality of experimental results.
35 Provide an example when you were able to prevent a problem because you foresaw the reaction of another person.
36 Walk me through how you would collaborate with biologists and other professionals to conduct appropriate genetic and biochemical analyses.
37 How do you balance cooperation with others and independent thinking? Share an example. (Try to determine if the candidate has a cooperative attitude or is otherwise good-natured.)
38 Share an effective approach to maintain laboratory safety programs and train personnel in laboratory safety techniques.
39 Provide a time when you dealt calmly and effectively with a high-stress situation.
40 Describe an experience when you instructed medical students, graduate students, or others in methods or procedures for diagnosis and management of genetic disorders.
41 Share an experience in which you successfully coordinated with others. How about a coordination effort that was not as successful?
42 Share an experience in which your willingness to lead or offer an opinion helped your company.
43 Tell me how you develop protocols to improve existing genetic techniques or to incorporate new diagnostic procedures.
44 In your experience, what is the key to developing a good team? (Look for how they build mutual trust, respect, and cooperation.)
45 Name a time when your patience was tested. How did you keep your emotions in check?