Electromechanical Engineering Technologist Interview Questions

1 Share an effective approach to collaborate with engineers to implement electromechanical designs in industrial or other settings.
2 What kind of experience do you have installing or programming computer hardware or machine or instrumentation software in microprocessor-based systems? Share an example.
3 Tell me how you test and analyze thermodynamic systems for renewable energy applications, such as solar or wind, to maximize energy production.
4 What is the secret to identify energy-conserving production or fabrication methods, such as by bending metal rather than cutting and welding or casting metal?
5 Name a time when you developed or implemented programs related to the environmental impact of engineering activities.
6 What is the most challenging part of determining whether selected electromechanical components comply with environmental standards and regulations?
7 How often have you conducted statistical studies to analyze or compare production costs for sustainable and nonsustainable designs? What were your findings?
8 Describe an effective method used to specify, coordinate, or conduct quality-control or quality-assurance programs and procedures.
9 Tell me how you fabricate or assemble mechanical, electrical, or electronic components or assemblies.
10 Walk me through how you select electromechanical equipment, materials, components, or systems to meet functional specifications.
11 What have found to be the best way to select and use laboratory, operational, or diagnostic techniques or test equipment to assess electromechanical circuits, equipment, processes, systems, or subsystems?
12 Describe an experience where you produced electrical, electronic, or mechanical drawings or other related documents or graphics necessary for electromechanical design, using computer-aided design (CAD) software.
13 How often do you consult with machinists or technicians to ensure that electromechanical equipment or systems meet design specifications? What do you find useful?
14 Share an example where you effectively translated electromechanical drawings into design specifications, applying principles of engineering, thermal or fluid sciences, mathematics, or statistics.
15 Walk me through how you analyze engineering designs of logic or digital circuitry, motor controls, instrumentation, or data acquisition for implementation into new or existing automated, servomechanical, or other electromechanical systems.