Electrical Engineering Technologist Interview Questions

1 What kind of experience do you have diagnosing, testing, or analyzing the performance of electrical components, assemblies, or systems? Share an example.
2 Tell me about how you review electrical engineering plans to ensure adherence to design specifications and compliance with applicable electrical codes and standards.
3 Name a time when you tested sustainable materials for their applicability to electrical engineering systems or system designs. Share an experience.
4 Describe what methods you use to evaluate electrical engineering plans to determine whether they comply with applicable environmental standards.
5 Walk me through how you construct and evaluate electrical components for consumer electronics applications such as fuel cells for consumer electronic devices, power saving devices for computers or televisions, and energy efficient power chargers.
6 Describe a process you would use to conduct statistical studies to analyze or compare production costs for sustainable or nonsustainable designs. Share an example.
7 How often do you participate in training or continuing education activities to stay abreast of engineering or industry advances? Should more time and training be spent on such activities?
8 What is the most challenging part of assisting engineers and scientists in conducting applied research in electrical engineering? Share an experience.
9 How do you stay up to date with new or improved ways to review, develop, and prepare maintenance standards?
10 What have you found to be the best way to compile and maintain records documenting engineering schematics, installed equipment, installation or operational problems, resources used, repairs, or corrective action performed?
11 Share an effective approach to supervise the construction or testing of electrical prototypes, according to general instructions and established standards.
12 Walk me through how you install or maintain electrical control systems, industrial automation systems, or electrical equipment, including control circuits, variable speed drives, or programmable logic controllers.
13 What kind of experience do you have designing or modifying engineering schematics for electrical transmission and distribution systems or for electrical installation in residential, commercial, or industrial buildings, using computer-aided design (CAD) software?
14 What is the challenging part of calculating design specifications or cost, material, and resource estimates, and prepare project schedules and budgets? What method worked for you?
15 Share an experience in which your participation in the development or testing of the electrical aspects of a new green technology benefited your company.