Data Warehousing Manager Interview Questions

1 Provide an effective method you have used to test software systems or applications for software enhancements or new products.
2 Share an effective method you have used to ensure quality of designs, codes, test plans, and/or documentation.
3 Describe an effective method you have used to provide troubleshooting support for data warehouses.
4 Provide an experience in which you successfully wrote a new program or modified an existing program to meet customer requirements. What methods did you use?
5 Share an effective method you have used to ensure that warehouse data is well-structured, accurate, and of high-quality.
6 What factors do you consider when selecting methods, techniques, or criteria for data warehousing evaluative procedures?
7 What computer languages and procedures are you familiar with? How have you used them to perform successful system analyses, data analyses, or programming?
8 Share an effective method you have used to map data between source systems, data warehouses, and data marts.
9 Describe an effective technology you have used to implement business rules.
10 Tell me about an effective data extraction procedure which you developed and/or implemented.
11 Describe an effective warehouse database structure which you designed and/or implemented.
12 What is the state of your documentation? What is one thing you are trying to improve?
13 Tell me about a successful plan, test file, or script you created for warehouse testing.
14 Describe an effective metadata process or framework which you created and/or implemented.
15 Describe an effective data warehouse process model you developed.