Crane Operator Interview Questions

There are 7 different sets of questions for this title
1 Walk me through how you move levers, depress foot pedals, or turn dials to operate cranes, cherry pickers, electromagnets, or other moving equipment for lifting, moving, or placing loads.
2 What system do you use to successfully determine load weights and check them against lifting capacities to prevent overload?
3 What is the most challenging part of directing helpers engaged in placing blocking or outrigging under cranes? Share an experience.
4 What methods do you use to review daily work or delivery schedules to determine orders, sequences of deliveries, or special loading instructions?
5 Tell me about a recent experience you've had working with your hands.
6 Share an experience in which your diligence of inspecting equipment, structures, or materials helped you identify a problem or the cause of a problem.
7 Describe an experience in which you successfully controlled the operation of a difficult system. What made you successful?
8 What is the best way to direct truck drivers backing vehicles into loading bays and cover, uncover, or secure loads for delivery?
9 Tell me how you inspect and adjust crane mechanisms or lifting accessories to prevent malfunctions or damage.
10 Tell me about your qualifications for and your experience handling vehicles and/or mechanized equpiment.
11 Share an example of when you went above and beyond the "call of duty". (Look for answers that show the candidate is dependable.)
12 Tell me about the last time you monitored or reviewed information and detected a problem. How did you respond?
13 Share an experience in which your attention to detail and thoroughness had an impact on your last company.
14 Share an experience in which you successfully shared a difficult piece of information. (Make sure that the candidate has open lines of communication.)
15 Name a time when your patience was tested. How did you keep your emotions in check?