Bioinformatics Technician Interview Questions

1 Walk me through how you analyze or manipulate bioinformatics data using software packages, statistical applications, or data mining techniques.
2 Tell me how you extend existing software programs, web-based interactive tools, or database queries as sequence management and analysis needs evolve.
3 How important is it to maintain awareness of new and emerging computational methods and technologies? Why?
4 How often should you perform routine system administrative functions such as troubleshooting, back-ups, and upgrades. Share an example.
5 Name a time when you confered with database users about project timelines and changes.
6 What kind of experience do you have writing computer programs or scripts to be used in querying databases? Share an example.
7 What method have you found helpful in training bioinformatics staff or researchers in the use of databases? Share an experience.
8 How well are your writing skills when participating in the preparation of reports or scientific publications? What did you find difficult?
9 Share how you develop or apply data mining and machine learning algorithms.
10 Have you ever designed or implemented web-based tools for querying large-scale biological databases? Share an example.
11 Walk me through how you confer with researchers, clinicians, or information technology staff to determine data needs and programming requirements and to provide assistance with database-related research activities.
12 Describe an experience where you entered or retrieved information from structural databases, protein sequence motif databases, mutation databases, genomic databases or gene expression databases.
13 What is the key to success with developing or maintaining applications that process biologically based data into searchable databases for purposes of analysis, calculation, or presentation?