Airport Attendant Interview Questions

There are 3 different sets of questions for this title
1 Describe a time when you successfully provided personal assistance to a coworker or patron.
2 Share an experience you had in dealing with a difficult person and how you handled the situation.
3 Why is it important to secure passengers for transportation by buckling seatbelts or fastening wheelchairs with tie-down straps?
4 Describe an experience when you responded to passengers' questions, requests, or complaints.
5 What is the challenging part of counting and verifying tickets and seat reservations and record numbers of passengers boarding and disembarking?
6 Tell me about an experience in which you analyzed information and evaluated results to choose the best solution to a problem.
7 Provide an experience in which your ability to actively find ways to help people improved your company or your own work ethic.
8 What is the key to success when communicating with the public.
9 Provide an example of a time when you were able to demonstrate excellent listening skills. What was the situation and outcome?
10 Name a time when you provided boarding assistance to elderly, sick, or injured people.
11 Name a time when your patience was tested. How did you keep your emotions in check?
12 Describe ways you have found effective to perform equipment safety checks prior to departure.
13 Share an example of when you went above and beyond the "call of duty". (Look for answers that show the candidate is dependable.)
14 Provide an experience in which you were sensitive to somone's needs or feelings. How did your helpfulness affect your work environment?
15 Do you feel passengers ever pay attention when you explain and demonstrate safety procedures and safety equipment use?