Bonding Machine Operator Interview Questions

1 Describe the process used to align and position materials being joined in order to ensure accurate application of adhesive or heat sealing.
2 Share the techniques used to start machines, and turn valves or move controls to feed, admit, apply, or transfer materials and adhesives, and to adjust temperature, pressure, and time settings.
3 How would you perform test production runs and make adjustments as necessary to ensure that completed products meet standards and specifications?
4 Describe your experience measuring and mix ingredients to prepare glue.
5 Share your experience observing gauges, meters, and control panels to obtain information about equipment temperatures and pressures, or the speed of feeders or conveyors.
6 Describe an experience removing jammed materials from machines and readjust components as necessary to resume normal operations.
7 Explain the importance of maintaining production records such as quantities, dimensions, and thicknesses of materials processed.
8 Tell me about what methods you use to mount or load material such as paper, plastic, wood, or rubber in feeding mechanisms of cementing or gluing machines.
9 Tell me about reading work orders and communicate with coworkers in order to determine machine and equipment settings and adjustments, and supply and product specifications.
10 How experienced are you in monitoring machine operations to detect malfunctions; report or resolve problems.
11 Explain ways to adjust machine components according to specifications such as widths, lengths, and thickness of materials and amounts of glue, cement, or adhesive required.
12 Share how you would examine and measure completed materials or products to verify conformance to specifications, using measuring devices such as tape measures, gauges, or calipers.
13 Please clarify how to depress pedals to lower electrodes that heat and seal edges of material.
14 Walk me through the process of transporting materials, supplies, and finished products between storage and work areas, using forklifts.
15 What techniques do you use to clean and maintain gluing and cementing machines, using solutions, lubricants, brushes, and scrapers?